You may ask: What differentiates “fiduciary” real estate services from “retail” real estate services?

A fiduciary expert understands the obligation in administering probate and trusts.

My fiduciary services focus upon real estate brokerage services plus the mechanics of executing required fiduciary responsibilities involving Probate Personal Representatives, Executors, Executrix, and Trust Administrators who have fiduciary obligations to beneficiaries and the Probate Court.

The services I provide go far beyond what a traditional real estate broker provides, even though both of our compensation is a sales commission.  See below:

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These are only some of the duties I fulfill on behalf of my clients and is not an exhaustive list.  The services I provide differ from what your attorney will do, and are not a substitute for using an attorney.  I have direct experience in all the above capacities.

Here is the good news; you can use me, as well as the third party experts I can call upon, to take care of most of the day-to-day work and obligations. And, you will receive all these services just by listing one piece of real property for sale with me.

You will likely use a real estate agent to sell your property anyway, so why not get all the services you need without having to incur a lot of out of pocket fees up front?